What are SMEs for blue leather sofa ?
Since inception, Foshan City Zhihao Furniture Co.,Ltd continues to provide the highest quality blue leather sofa on the market. Each product has excellent quality and reliability, making us one of the Chinese SMEs. Although as a small and medium enterprise, we offer the entire product lineup. Excellent support.

Zhihao has many years of experience in research, development, manufacturing, production of modern leather armchair. We have been recognized by a large group of customers across the world. Zhihao's leather bed frame series contains multiple sub-products. All the raw materials of Zhihao modern leather bed designs are in line with international standards. It is manufactured based on imported machines such as Germany imported cutting and sewing ones. The product has high performance up to the industry advanced level. Its design and manufacture are ensured based on partnerships with Italian institutes.

We are committed to fostering a sustainable development along our entire value chain in line with our economic, environmental and social responsibilities toward current and future generations.
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